Media by Design

I often talk, tweet, and generally rant about being “customer-centered” and making marketing and media decisions around what is best and most intuitive for your customer. So, I thought it may be helpful to take a moment and answer the question: “what does it look like to be customer-centered?” Obviously, that answer will vacillate depending […]

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Bacon, Christmas, and Making Money

“Chickens are kinda on the fence when it comes providing a great breakfast…pigs are all-in.” – Gene De Libero Expectations are a powerful thing. Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t help but amp up unreasonably high expectations for holidays like Christmas, or summer vacation? It almost didn’t matter what ended up happening […]

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Market Where Your Customers Are

Decided to try a new approach and create an infographic visualizing the need for marketers (businesses, etc.) to approach customers where they are today. We all know mobile is important and ever-growing. I think, however, that we become numb to the staggering growth that continues to exist in the marketplace. Some highlights: 50% of consumers […]

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Note: This post was originally written and posted on Verizon’s AOL Acquisition: The Real Deal Many theories have been circulating in the wake of Verizon’s recent industry-rattling acquisition of AOL. Reactions were diverse. On one side of the approval scale, social networks fluttered with excitement over new content opportunities for Verizon. On the other, some industry […]


Thinking Back & Thankfulness

I attended my youngest brother’s high school graduation this past weekend. What I thought would be a fun time to see family, friends, and enjoy some beautiful spring South Carolina weather ended up being all of those things with an added benefit. Perhaps it was the fact that he graduated from the same high-school as […]

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