4th Quarter

We’re a month into the NFL & NCAA football seasons, and once again America’s hearts and minds have been captured by the dramatic story lines (however controversial) that seem to be constantly evolving and spinning further out of control with each passing day. However, there is one aspect of football that is as old as […]

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Tending the Sheep

The Old Testament of the Bible tells a story about a young guy named David. You may have heard about him. David is the most famous king in the history of the nation of Israel. Additionally, he was a tough, fierce and, mighty warrior (read 1 and 2 Samuel sometime – he makes Seals look […]

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3 Cheers for July 4th

Today I’d like to take a moment to consider three things I’m immensely thankful for. While we won’t be eating turkey on the 4th of July, the pause and reflection warranted by this wonderful day revealed three blessings which I regularly enjoy, but don’t always publicly recognize.  1. Freedom. Watching the world cup the past few […]

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